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What does Yes I Can offer my child?
Yes I Can provides services as per the Department of Education recommended mandates. At Yes I Can, we believe in your child! We empower children to tap into their innate strengths. We have a growth mindset—every child CAN learn and we give the tools needed to succeed, grow, and progress in the mainstream school setting.
What tools do you use to help my child?
It’s all about finding the right approach. We first find out whats impeding on the progress in the first place and then we teach in the way your child’s brain learns best. Some children require multi-sensory teaching, others require language-based learning, or specialized curriculums. Remember, PROGRESS IS ALL ABOUT PROCESS.
How will I know my child is making progress?
For academics, Yes I Can uses data driven measures to track your child’s growth. For social-emotional skills, your provider will work with you to determine the success by seeing a generalization of the skills taught. But, we truly believe that you will feel your child making progress— you will see your child happy, with a strong sense of self, and eager to go to school and learn more.
Will I be supported throughout the process?
We totally get it, parenting can sometimes feel lonely, some days seem to be difficult. Every child is paired with a supervisor who will be in touch with you. You are free to reach out to your supervisor anytime. He/she will guide you and hold your hand throughout the process. Parenting is a journey—Yes I Can looks forward to partnering with you in the instrumental task of helping your child be their BEST!
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