We’ve always been there for the gifted.
It’s time we shared more about the gift.

Yes I Can™ has grown along with the children we’ve seen progress into mainstream society. Servicing hundreds of children in the Tristate area, we view our work as a holistic approach to qualitative therapy. While parents often view YIC services as a last opportunity in mainstream, we view it as an only way to perform. We’re always about offering more services than those based on mandate, providing support that goes full circle and accommodates student, provider and family.
Every day at YIC is one of progress and every child in our program is a story in progress. It’s why we create an advocacy team for each student, including a site supervisor, experienced special education teacher and third party consultants. With services based out of your school’s resource room, our trained professionals remediate academic and social teachings via one on one sessions.
We view the process through the eyes of a child and the heart of a parent. Slow and steady, without boundaries and with lots of love. Parents at Yes I Can™ always feel welcome and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether in preschool or grade school, our founders envisioned attainable goals, accountable processes and inclusive support for everyone involved. We understand the struggles associated with the complexities of special ed and hold your hand throughout the process.
Since our primary goal remains the eventual mainstreaming of your child, we remain committed to that goal throughout the intervention phases. YIC features a staff of hand picked special education teachers, related service providers and paraprofessionals. We further monitor the progress via staff supervision and remain committed to you via parent training seminars. Our commitment knows no bounds and is evident in our active and involved meeting prep with the local CSE [Committee on Special Education].
We also facilitate representation at Impartial Hearing or Mediation Sessions regarding your child’s IEP or IESP, including coordination with legal representatives.
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