Rosie was enrolled at Yes I Can™ in August 2019. Get to know her success story.

When Rosie was born, she was everything her parents imagined: Hazel eyes, tufts of brown hair, a perpetual pout and a gift from above. She was on par with her milestones. First steps at 12 months, first word at 13 months.
Then, at age 6, little things began to worry her parents.
The symptoms:
Rosie was self-directed and only wanted to play or do things on her terms. She needed lots of redirections to get dressed and ready for school in the morning. She had a short attention span, poor time management skills, hard time self-regulating and low frustration tolerance. She was constantly interrupting, had difficulty playing quietly and struggled with turn-taking when playing with her peers. In school, she found it effortful to remain in her chair and stay on task. Reading was a struggle, she exhibited difficulty blending the consonants and vowels, had a hard time with syllabification, and demonstrated with poor phonemic awareness skills. Rosie’s school was extremely concerned and told mom that she needs to complete an evaluation to determine the nature of her difficulties.
When her symptoms could no longer be ignored, her mom was given an ultimatum. To seek help or find a new school. Rosie was diagnosed with ADD and was referred to enroll at YES I Can™.
Rosie’s mom reached out to YIC’s intake specialist who took down all her information and assigned a supervisor to oversee the case. The next day, Rosie’s mom got a phone call from the supervisor who encouraged mom to share Rosie’s strengths and weaknesses. Mom received reassurance that her daughter will be assigned a provider who specialized with both academic and social skills, is warm and loving, and has the right personality to meet her daughter’s need.
School Starts:
Rosie’s mom anxiously sent her off the first day of first grade. At five o’clock the provider is on the line, “your daughter has loads of personality, is so adorable, and I’m looking forward to a great year together,” Rosie’s provider gushes. “This will be a great year and your daughter will get far,” she exclaimed.
Two weeks later:
Rosie has been evaluated, observed in both the classroom and one on one setting and goals and a proper treatment plan have been put in place. Additionally, the supervisor has arranged for the Sensory integration specialist to come in and a sensory diet has been embedded throughout the day. A team meeting has been scheduled between the school, YIC’s team and the parents to review the plan and establish a home-school connection.
Behavior Plan
To address her on task behavior. Rosie’s good behavior will be reinforced.
Sensory Diet
To improve her focus and reduce anxiety due to sensory overload.
Academic Plan
Reading skills will be addressed using Orton Gillingham’s method, executive functioning will be worked on based off the principle’s of Sarah Ward’s program, and regulations skills will be taught using the zone of self-regulation curriculum by Leah M. Kuypers.
Social Groups
To teach her conflict resolution, improve her self-regulation and turn-taking skills.
Parent Training
To control her ADD and reduce symptoms. Mom has been explained the importance of restful sleep, improving nutrition, creating proper structure, to be consistent with her parenting, how to break up homework with activities, and to help her practice relaxation techniques.
Four weeks later:
The team supervisor was in the midst of dialing mom, when the phone rings, it was Rosie’s mom. “Wow, I don’t recognize my daughter, shes a pleasure at home, shes so much more focused and motivated, she plays nicely, and her reading skills have improved tremendously,” she stated.
Follow up:
Over the year, there has been follow up communication, team meeting, new goals have been generated, and the behavior plan’s reinforcement schedule reduced.
In June, at the end of the year, Rosie is confident, has friends, is adored by her teachers, reading nicely, and the apple of her parents eyes!
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